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Trench Shoring Services is Family Owned

Trench Shoring Services is a family owned operation with all members of the ownership involved in daily operations. Don’t think the second generation got off easy, they started off in the bottom of the trenches too. Literally. Because of this, Trench Shoring Services is one of only a couple companies in the country who have not seen any leadership or ownership change other than normal transitions to the next generations. This creates a higher level of service and continuity for all our customers. We have proudly worked the construction industry for over 40 years. We will continue to build and rent the highest quality shoring as long as there are holes dug in the ground.

The history of Trench Shoring Services is not just in trench boxes and road plates. It started out as a construction company which worked all over the Western U.S. From building bridges to water treatment plants and the run-of-the-mill underground utilities, the company grew and evolved. Dennis I Spencer Contractor started designing building and using our own shoring. So in a very literal sense, the shoring was designed by a contractor, for contractors.

Dennis I Spencer Contractor designed the shoring around its own projects. Projects like the main water line that went in to Denver International Airport when it was first built. We also helped build Copper Mountain Ski Resort's infrastructure and diverted a river during spring run-off. We were the general contractor on many of our projects including water treatment plants, bridges, flood management systems, the ubiquitous sewer or water line and even the ski lift towers at Copper Mountain.


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