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The Tools You Need

For more than four decades, Trench Shoring Services has specialized in trench boxes, and trench shoring equipment. The results of nearly half a century of such focused specialization and massive inventory has resulted in an unparalleled depth of experience. When it comes to trench shoring rental equipment, there's no need to talk to anyone else.

We have the trench shoring equipment you need. Our inventory consists of thousands of individual trench boxes in 13 locations nationwide. In addition to Steel Trench Boxes, our inventory includes ultraShore Aluminum Shields, Road Plates, Shoring Plates, Bridge Panels, Manhole Options, H Beams, Pipe Plugs, and much more. Our huge inventory means that we'll have the high-quality trench shoring system that will work best for your job, and our experience in the field means that we'll be able to help you identify exactly which shoring products will work best for your scope of work.

Our shoring systems are designed from the ground up, and include many innovations. Our engineering allows us to use narrow wall trench boxes. This allows you to dig a narrower trench and move less dirt. This puts cost savings in your pocket. Another innovation is the corrugated aluminum we use in our ultraSHORE products to make them hundreds of pounds lighter than the competitors’ boxes These are just a couple of the innovations that separate Trench Shoring Services products from the competition.

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