Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHA is responsible for all things safety in the workplace.  With this goal in mind, OSHA has established a nationwide set of standards to ensure worker safety. These Federal programs apply equally to all workers in all 50 States and US Territories. Individual states can and do issue their own standards but in all cases, the federal standard represents the minimum acceptable level of performance for employers.

The importance of OSHA is most acute in the construction industry.  In construction, we represent only 5% of the U.S. workforce, but we also represent 26% of worker deaths and injuries on the job.  We have a disproportionate slice of the pie.  We need to do better.  Safety in construction is literally a matter of life or death!

Remember with OSHA.  It’s not a negotiation. It is this simple. “Do it! Damn it! This is the law.”  When an OSHA inspector arrives on your project, there is no point in arguing. Arguing with your friendly neighborhood inspector is like wrestling with a pig.  You get hot, tired, sweaty and frustrated only to find out… The pig is having fun.

Trench Shoring Services, The Shoring Solution Library of the Internet

At Trench Shoring Services, our recommendations carefully follow OSHA’s safety guidelines. This web site offers hundreds of solution photos.  Keep in mind; in any photo there will often be something that reduces the level of compliance under the strictest application of the OSHA standard. The Shoring Solution Library is meant to be a resource guide of possibilities that can lead you closer to compliance.

Some critics have suggested that we post ONLY perfect photos. Perfect jobsite photos are rare. Our philosophy is that the GREATER GOOD is served by sharing our Shoring Solution Library. The library (however imperfect) shows application technology in the “real world”. As the Contractor or Competent Person, it is up to you to make the job as compliant as possible. If you don’t know how, we offer monthly FREE Competent Person Excavation Safety classes in each of our facilities nationwide.

The OSHA standard for excavations, also known as Sub-Part P is a 38-page guide that outlines the rules with regard to excavation safety. The link above will open access to Sub-Part P on the OSHA website.  Also, everyone who attends our classes is given a hard copy to keep for their very own.

Training is the key to understanding the OSHA Standard.  See the training schedules for your region under the CPT Training tab.  There you can register for the class nearest you that meets your busy schedule.  Space is limited. Reservations are required.


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