CPT Training

Finding Simple Solution To Everyday Problems On The Job
Covering More Than Just "The Book" On OSHA Regulations

Covid-19 Notice

As a result of Covid-19 and to maintain the health and safety of everyone participating in training, we are limiting the classes sizes to 15 people. We appreciate your understanding during this time. (Please note, some facilities may need to cap their classes to a lower number based on the size of the facility)

Monthly Competent Person Training to all customers. Training is done in-house at any of our facilities nationwide. Our instructors will break down the overwhelming confusion of the ‘Excavation Safety’ OSHA regulations so it is easy, and fun to learn. The presentation is bright and colorful. Dinner is provided.

In Class We Cover:

  • What is a “Competent Person”?
  • OSHA Definitions
  • General Requirements
  • Protective Systems
  • Cave-in Signals
  • Soil Classifications
  • Acceptable Use of Sloping, Shoring and Shields
  • Understanding Tabulated Data
  • Typical Trench Examples
  • Solutions for Safe and Efficient Compliance
  • And more!