What is Shoring: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever walked through a building wondering all the construction methods needed to bring the structure to fruition? Sure, you realize that architecture and design played their part. General […]

The Basic Types of Shoring

  Many clients come to us wondering what types of shoring are available for use. Shoring is a method of construction not often talked about, but usually employed in most […]

Trench Failures & How You Can Avoid Them

Building a trench takes a lot of technique and skill. Unfortunately, without the proper equipment, planning, and procedures, a trench can fail, leading to eventual collapse. Imagine digging a trench, […]

Soil Pressure and the Angle of Internal Friction

The angle of internal friction of soil is something that can be overlooked, but one that can be easily explained is rather simple. We encounter it when we see a […]

Surcharge Loads

SURCHARGE LOADS: Surcharge loads will also impact lateral loads.They act in reverse to lateral earth pressure. Most of the surcharge is seen towards the top of the excavation while gradually […]

Lateral Earth Pressure

LATERAL EARTH PRESSURE: This is the pressure that we can expect in the horizontal direction. It has three states: Active, Passive and At-Rest. At-Rest: The soil is in equilbirum and […]

Soil Composition and Influence

Soil – aka “dirt”is a particulate material. This means it is composed of an assortment of individual particles which can be sorted into 4 basic groups: sand, silt, clay and […]

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