What is Shoring: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever walked through a building wondering all the construction methods needed to bring the structure to fruition? Sure, you realize that architecture and design played their part. General […]

The Basic Types of Shoring

  Many clients come to us wondering what types of shoring are available for use. Shoring is a method of construction not often talked about, but usually employed in most […]

Trench Failures & How You Can Avoid Them

Building a trench takes a lot of technique and skill. Unfortunately, without the proper equipment, planning, and procedures, a trench can fail, leading to eventual collapse. Imagine digging a trench, […]

OSHA Trench Box Rules and Fines For Violations

Soil Composition and Influence

Soil – aka “dirt”is a particulate material. This means it is composed of an assortment of individual particles which can be sorted into 4 basic groups: sand, silt, clay and […]

OSHA Trench Box Rules Roll Off Protection (The “18 Inch Rule”)

The Myth: One very common misconception among contractors is that any protective system is required to extend at least 18 inches above the top of the trench. Although many of […]

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